Chitvan meaning ‘Garden of heart’, was designed to offer a family-friendly resort experience. The central banquet lawn and quaint central court create an ideal setting for families and friends to connect. It serves as the perfect venue for exclusive weddings and engagements near Ajmer, reflecting its theme of spaciousness and warm hospitality.

Discover your own pace in a comfortable and caring atmosphere.

With quaint patios, large verandas, private balconies with garden and pool views seamlessly merging into outdoors, Chitvan offers you the luxury of privacy of a vacation home. The large patios and spacious balconies are simply elegant and sensitize kids and family about the love of nature and respect for the ecology.

Chitvan, designed with families in mind, offers ample open space for children to play and for friendly pet walks. Our commitment to security also makes it an ideal choice for women travelers. Since our establishment in 1998, we’ve maintained a NO BAR policy, fostering a family-friendly atmosphere. Chitvan is the preferred choice for Gen-X, Millennials, and the younger generation who appreciate the beauty of the Ajmer Pushkar region and seek self-actualization.

Convenient and good location

Chitvan offers a peaceful escape from the crowded Ajmer city center right at the entrance and near the Pushkar bypass. Situated on NH 8 Jaipur road, it’s easily accessible and a time-saving option for travellers.

Located just a short drive away from The Dargah Sharif, Nareli Thirth, Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan, Anasagar Lake, and Saint Mary’s Church (1886), all within 15 minutes.

Whether you’re on a journey from Delhi, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, or Mumbai, Chitvan provides a serene and private atmosphere for a midway break.

Our pet-friendly hideaway is conveniently located for trips to Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ranthambore, and nearby religious sites. With proximity to Kishangarh Airport and the Ajmer bus stand, reaching us is hassle-free.



In our semi-arid and officially designated dark zone location, we are dedicated to responsible water use. We’ve implemented eco-friendly practices like xeriscaping our landscape and recycling greywater, reducing our environmental footprint.


We actively promote tolerance for all faiths, a deep appreciation for traditions, and the preservation of strong family values. To provide a secure and wholesome environment, we adhere to a policy of temperance, abstaining from having a bar and prohibiting alcohol consumption in public areas.

Our commitment extends to supporting organizations such as Apna Ghar, Shubdha, Butati Dham, and Ramkrishna Mission, allowing us to give back to the community and contribute to social well-being. Our responsible approach to hospitality stands against excess, hedonism, and extravagance.

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