Tips to Save Money While Travelling Abroad

For all of us, a holiday is an invaluable way to relax and unwind. Yet before you splash out, remember these pointers to save some bucks this holiday season.

Plan ahead

  • Decide whether you want to plan your holiday independently or through  a package deal.
  • Accordingly research the local areas, hotspots and trending places
  • Compare  all the prices online if your holidaying independently or refer to other travel company’s itineraries  and brochures if your on a packaged holiday.
  • Planning beforehand will help you avoid overpriced tourist areas and spots.

Fly on low-cost carriers

  • Start keeping a tab on the airfares as soon as you decide upon the destination.
  • Check prices on other  websites before you buy, to ensure a good deal.
  • Not only the round trip but book well in advance the connecting flights too.
  • Prior bookings will help you save money on the unnecessary traveling costs.

Look for best-value hotels

  • Compare hotels with the same ratings in order to book the best budgeted hotel.
  • Check reviews on sites like TripAdvisor  to know if you have got the best bargain.
  • You can even try cheap accommodations, hostels or service apartments in place of staying at hotels to slash costs.

Consider all travel options

  • Instead of hiring a car or a taxi look into all the public transports like metro, tube, subways  and hop-on hop-off buses to save some  money and time.
  • Buy a travel pass which will help you save significantly on costs.

Check big excursion ticket prices before you go

  • Whether it’s Disney land, Universal Studios  or an aqua park, search early doors to see if there are web vouchers or cheap tickets.
  • Buy city sightseeing passes / city tourism cards to gain benefits and discounts on many tourists spots.

Buy calling/ Sim cards from your holiday destination itself

  • Don’t rush. Buy the local SIM  card from your holiday destination  itself.
  • They will give you cheaper scheme according to your usage and stay in the country.
  • Apart from the calling rates, be careful about mobile data and internet.
  • Use Wi-Fi at your hotel or look for free Wi-Fi hotspots or local internet cafes around.

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