Pushkar: The only Brahma temple in the world

It is said that the famous lake of Pushkar was formed when the lotus dropped from the hands of Lord Brahma. With its beautiful lake and numerous ghats, narrow lanes and esoteric markets, the little town of Pushkar has a distinct an out of world beauty. Hotel Chitvan is one of the most preferred 3 star hotels in Ajmer, where guests love to stay during their Pushkar trip.

Attractions in Pushkar

Apart from the beautiful lake, the Pushkar market is an endearing walk where eager shopkeepers are keen to sell you a whole range of interesting products: traditional handicrafts, rajasthani crafts, cloth paintings, traditional clothing. There are a number of good cafes, often around a resort in Pushkar- Out of the Blue, Sunset Cafe and other small nice eateries where you can grab a good vegetarian meal.

You would be surprised by the number of foreigners in Pushkar; these travellers are young men and women in 20s, often Israelis who have completed their compulsory military stint and take a spiritual sojourn to India. What better place than Pushkar?

Pushkar trip will be tiring. The place has so much to offer, there is a buzz in the air. Yet, a sense of tranquility prevails in this beautiful town. You have a number of staying options: Can stay at either a resort in Pushkar or choose from one of the hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar.

Looking for hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar?

Whether you are visiting Pushkar on a holy visit purpose, or just as a tourist attracted to the place’s charm, Hotel Chitvan is one of the well known hotels in Ajmer District that could be the perfect stop-over in your journey. While there are a number of resorts in Pushkar, if you are looking for the perfect family hotel with the comforts and relaxed ease of a resort, Chitvan is one of the best hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar, at a very comfortable drive from the little holy town.

While a resort in Pushkar town itself can sound like a good option, if you are travelling with family and look for a truly refined hospitality experience, Hotel Chitvan is the place to be!
Hotel Chitvan in Ajmer is just the perfect place for you to set the mood of your holiday with its ample recreational facilities and warm hospitality.