Make your stay in Ajmer, memorable for life

Whether you are a tourist coming to this town of dargah, temples and great heritage, or a businessman on a visit- where to stay in Ajmer is a question that bugs you a lot. If we tell you that out of the many hotels in Ajmer there is one that gives you the mix of great location, ambiance, greenery, facilities and food- all at the cost of a budget hotel, you will definitely be left in an absolute bewilderment.

Yes. Hotel Chitvan is the perfect answer to the question, because it combines great luxury with great affordability.

For pilgrims to the Ajmer Dargah, Hotel Chitvan is the best family oriented hotel with peaceful surrounding and idyllic location for people to connect with faith. The hotel arranges for your visit to the Dargah too, and whether a one day trip, or an extended trip including other historical spots in Ajmer, Hotel Chitvan facilitates it all.

For Pushkar visitors

If you are coming to Ajmer to visit Pushkar, Hotel Chitvan is a good place to stay. In Ajmer hotels near Pushkar are often crowded, and much against how they advertise, the facilities are not up to the mark. Visit the Brahma Sarovar amking a comfortable stay in Hotel Chitvan.

For other visitors too, Chitvan is the place to stay in Ajmer

Even if you are on a casual or business visit to Ajmer, Hotel Chitvan is both affordable and located close to the city. If you want to hold business conferences or meetings, the hotel has infrastructure in place to organize it all- in fact at prices much lower than any other hotels in Ajmer.

To find out more about staying options, packages or to inquire about banquet or conference halls, contact the hotel reservations counter.

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