Make a Checklist To Have A Perfect Stay in Ajmer

Ajmer is a beautiful historic destination attracting thousands of visitors even from faraway lands. The mystic tales and elegant livings of the Indian Maharajas sound so intriguing that none can avoid coming face to face with that opulent perception. This is what brought me to Ajmer almost a year back. The hilly terrain and the traditional markets of the Pink city are fabulous to explore with the light breezing aroma of the winds especially in the richest season from November to March.

This trip had been an outstanding experience for me as if I plunged into the historical past and experienced the elegance at that time. However, this would not be the case if I were stuck with some accommodation in Ajmer that was not ‘fit’ as per my standards. I am a travel connoisseur and it is after enough hotel stay experience that I have my parameters to judge the fitness of any hotel for stay. Here are the questions that hit my mind while finalizing my stay:

Is it clean?

Believe it or not, there are hotels that appear to be clean when you take an outside look but the moment you enter the room, you find damp smell on the bed sheets and even the blankets. The smell of moulds or dust mites is quite noticeable. The paint on walls is fading and the carpets are filled with dust as if not cleaned for a long time. If this is the reception you get at any hotel, why wouldn’t cleanliness be a concern?

Is the customer service good?

Imagine how you would feel if you just check in at a hotel and you are handed over a key to your room and you have to drag your luggage all the way down to just get inside? Friendly staff is thus one quite big a factor that can affect your stay. Hearing ‘Hello’ or ‘Enjoy your stay’ and getting timely room service can really make your day.

Is your full circle of amenities available?

Preferences of individuals in defining their ‘comfort stay’ may differ and thus, this is more of a personalized choice. However, basic inclusions like swimming pool, restaurant and conference rooms form the standard.

Hotel Chitvan is counted as one of the best hotels in Ajmer and in fact it is. The cleanliness was up-to-the-mark and guest reception was energetic. Food in their restaurant was mouth-watering with a great variety. I had all amenities that I needed. Plus, if you book your trip online, you can make it quite affordable and comfortable.

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