Hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar

Every year, several curious and religious tourists, devout Hindus, art and craft enthusiasts and vacationing families visit the quaint town of Pushkar. Widely recognized as a Hindu pilgrimage town, Pushkar is exceptionally crowded during the Pushkar Mela and the annual camel fair. It is during this season that the beautiful, small town runs short on vacancies in various hotels and lodging facilities. So, if you’re among the multitude visiting Pushkar, it is wise to look for vacancies in hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar.

3 star hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar

Ajmer is a relatively bigger city surrounded by the Aravali mountains. Not only is this town the base for visiting Pushkar but is also known for housing the shrine of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Considering Ajmer is a relatively bigger town, there are more lodging options in hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar.

Hotel Chitvan is one such tastefully designed, spacious, 3 star hotel in Ajmer near Pushkar. If you’re traveling with children, this boutique hotel should definitely be your primary choice for the simple reason that it has ample space for kids to run about and play without any consequences. Apart from those for kids, this hotel in Ajmer near Pushkar has several recreational facilities for adults as well including a beautiful poolside where one can lounge about and soak up the sun.

What separates Hotel Chitvan from other hotels in Ajmer near Pushkar are the smartly furnished rooms with individual balconies that overlook the spirited city of Ajmer. However, the breathtaking view is not all the patrons have the pleasure of feasting on since Hotel Chitvan offers a variety of delectable handpicked dishes from a wide range of traditional and exotic cuisines.

Since it’s providing several top-notch amenities apart from a secure, fun-laden environment, one would think that this hotel in Ajmer near Pushkar is fairly expensive. On the contrary, Hotel Chitvan is surprisingly affordable and respects the privacy of its patrons on all accounts like no other.

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