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Ajmer is a city located 150 kms away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It is usually thronged by visitors to the city’s architectural heritage that also includes the famous Dargah of Ajmer Sharif and the holy town of Pushkar. Ajmer is also a business centre of tiles and stones. The nearby town of Kishangarh employs…Read More

Whether you are a tourist coming to this town of dargah, temples and great heritage, or a businessman on a visit- where to stay in Ajmer is a question that bugs you a lot. If we tell you that out of the many hotels in Ajmer there is one that gives you the mix of great…Read More

A well-located hotel in Ajmer, Hotel Chitvan brings you best luxury of an ideal accomodation in Ajmer. This hotel is specially designed keeping in view to provide you with ample natural surrounding which adds to the location advantage of Chitvan. Comfort you can swear off Hotel Chitvan in Ajmer is facilitated with state-of-the-art services adding…Read More

On the outskirts of Ajmer, Hotel Chitvan is one of those hotels in Ajmer that can take your breath away with picturesque location, great facilities and a holiday charm to it, holding the key to a great vacation. If you are looking for a relaxed gateway from the daily bustle of life, Hotel Chitvan is…Read More

Ajmer is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan and is nestled cosily at the foothills of the Aravali ranges. With a territory of forts running along the hill ranges, Ajmer displays its great historical prestige. In the past, various dynasties have ruled here, the mark of their elegance and gigantic…Read More