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Hotel Chitvan knows how precious family holidays are and makes room for relaxation with thoughtful service for kids and parents to share time together. Families at Chitvan can enjoy the warmth of home and the modern comforts and privileges of a premium hotel at the same time. Here is what makes Chitvan the best place…Read More

If you are planning your first holiday abroad, you could relate to the anxiety of being in a new city. Moreover, if you are spending a fortune on this travel, you would like explore the alien city as much as you can. Travel apps prove to be good friends in such scenario. Here are a…Read More

Engulfed by the Aravali hills lies the holy city of Pushkar, a city that is one of its kind in Rajasthan. Located 11 kilometers north-west of Ajmer, it is one of India’s oldest cities. Travelers and devotees from around the world visit Pushkar for the graceful, colorful and peaceful ambiance it has to offer. With…Read More

Image Source : Skymetweather Ah! Monsoon, the season of rains and rainbows, hot tea and pakoras and of peacocks and earthworms. Okay maybe the last one isn’t all that pleasant, but monsoon is the season where everything is more colorful, more vibrant, as if the nature has gone into HD mode. And Rajasthan in monsoon,…Read More

So, you have packed your bags, made a checklist of restaurants and sightseeing places you’d visit and confirmed your flight on a call. All set. Right? But are you missing out on something? Imagine a scenario where you arrive in a new city and because you thought you’ll manage something at the last moment, now…Read More