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Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is the best way to unwind from your regular life. One plans for a getaway with a carefree mind, but reckless and unplanned trips can come with some downsides. The most dreadful impact can be on one’s health or fitness. Lack of sleep, change of temperature, jet lag, unhealthy…Read More

The diverse natural settings and artistic culture of Rajasthan has led way to some of the legendary movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. The long stretched sand dunes and the royal palaces lend a perfect backdrop to the story being told. The heroic sagas of valour draw the movie makers into the splendour of Rajasthan. Here…Read More

Despite the economic crisis what keeps few of us going is the joy of travelling. Travelling to an unknown land without any worry about deadlines and social presence and with only fun on the mind always sounds great. And if you get a little guidance, a little groundwork on an unknown place then there’s nothing…Read More

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. And let’s face the truth – no cuisine can beat the diversity of Indian states that are nothing but sheer culinary pleasure. One such state is Rajasthan – a colourful place with food equally vibrant. The desert kingdom is legendary for its royal hunting expeditions….Read More

Any vacation is incomplete without good food. And Ajmer brings to you the perfect combination of finger licking street food (such as Chaat, Kadhi Kachori, Samosa and Kadi-Bhujje) as well as fine dining. Both options boasts of a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to choose from. Brought together here are the best 6 places…Read More