Every year thousands of people visit the Hindu pilgrimage town, Pushkar and are turned away by the lack of vacancies and accommodation. Every year these devoted travellers turn their gaze on Ajmer for accommodation and face the same dilemma: Where to stay in Ajmer?

Where to stay in Ajmer?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a curious tourist, an avid art and craft fanatic or a family on vacation. If you’re all mouthing the words, “Where to stay in Ajmer” for lack of lodging in Pushkar, Hotel Chitvan is the solution to your dilemma.

Hotel Chitvan is a boutique hotel that is not only spacious but is also laden with the most modern amenities to ensure that your stay with us is as pleasurable as possible. With tastefully furnished rooms and individual balconies that overlook the small town of Ajmer, Hotel Chitvan is the most probable answer to the frequently asked question, ‘Where to stay in Ajmer’. We have a pool, that is brimming with sparkling blue water and a poolside that makes you want to lounge right there through your vacation. At Hotel Chitvan, fun and games will never leave you famished because you’ll always have a variety of mouth-watering cuisines to choose from.

Sometimes, during season, tourists and cautious travellers often find themselves wondering ‘Where to stay in Ajmer’ because they are concerned about the security provisions of most lodging facilities. At Hotel Chitvan, your security and privacy is our priority. So, the next time around you’re visiting Pushkar or Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s shrine in Ajmer, don’t hesitate to ask “Where to stay in Ajmer” because we will always be a booking away…

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